Thursday June 16, 2022


09.30-09.55              Registration & Coffee/Tea

09.55-10.00              Welcome

10.00-11.15              Oral presentation Session 1

Session chair: Dian Kortleve, Erasmus MCx

5x 15 min; Selected abstract-presenters have exactly 15 minutes to present their data, including a few minutes discussion. Please make sure your presentation is on the computer before the session starts.

-EGFR-directed blockade of the CD73-adenosine immune checkpoint
Emily Ploeg, PhD candidate, UMCG

-Stromal derived sialic acids induce immune suppression in the tumor
Kelly Boelaars, PhD candidate, Amsterdam UMC

-The potential of plasma soluble human leukocyte antigens for the detection of pancreatic cancer
Amy Kessler, PhD candidate, Erasmus MC

-Signal Regulatory Protein Beta 2 is a novel positive regulator of innate anticancer immunity and potential target for innate immunotherapy
Nienke Visser, PhD candidate, UMCG

-A multi-omics approach to explore the prognostic impact of cancer immunity in chordomas
Siddh van Oost, PhD candidate, LUMC


11.15-11.45              Coffee/Tea Break

11.45-13.00              Oral presentation Session 2

Session chair: Laia Querol Cano, RIMLS – Radboudumc

5×15 min presentations

-Selective blockade of CD47-SIRP alpha “don’t eat me” signaling with a CD47/Her2 bispecific antibody for enhanced anti-tumor activity of Trastuzumab
Yuzhu Qi, UMCG

-A bispecific VHH approach to leverage the potent and widely applicable tumor cytolytic capacity of Vγ9Vδ2-T cells
Lisa King, PhD candidate, Amsterdam UMC

-Immunomodulation of the immune microenvironment of pancreatic cancer by neoadjuvant therapy
Ricki T. Krog, PhD candidate, LUMC

-Signaling by the tumor-associated glycoimmune checkpoint receptor Siglec-7
Eline van Houtum, PhD candidate, Radboudumc

-Vvax001, an alphavirus-based therapeutic cancer vaccine, against HPV-induced premalignant cervical lesions: a phase 2 clinical trial
Anneke Eerkens, PhD candidate, UMCG

13.00-14.00              Lunch

14.00-14.30              Laptop presentations Session 1

During the laptop session presenters stand at a numbered table (for your number see the program below) with your (fully charged) laptop, presenting your presentation to a smaller group of people. Per laptop session we will have 3x 8min “shifts” in which you will have time for a 5 min presentation followed by a 3 min discussion. After 8 min, the audience can choose another table to go to.  In total you will present your data to 3 different groups of people.

1 Isabel Britsch: ReTARG-1, a novel recombinant fusion protein, exploits pre-existing inflationary anti-CMV immunity to attack EpCAMpos carcinoma cells

2 Marco de Bruyn: Tertiary lymphoid structures critical for prognosis in endometrial cancer patients

3 Magali Coccimiglio: Reduction of surface sialic acid as a potential tool against cancer

4 Vera de Jonge: Response to DA-EPOCH-R in Patients with High Grade B Cell Lymphoma is associated With a Reduction of PD1 Positive Exhausted CD8 T-cells

5 Irene van der Haar: A master regulator of anti-tumor immunity in colorectal cancer

6 Hester Heimans: The role of tissue resident memory T cells in solid tumors

7 Lisa Huis in’t Veld: Saponin-based adjuvant-induced dendritic cell cross-presentation is dependent on PERK activation

8 Shabnam Khalilnezhad: Sialidase Unleashing Glycan Immune Checkpoint in the TME via Tumor/Stroma Targeted

9 Dian Kortleve: T cells engineered with natural T cell receptors directed against endogenously presented epitopes of a novel tumor-selective target to treat triple negative BC

10 Freek van’t Land: Immunomodulatory effects of stereotactic body radiotherapy with IMM-101 in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer

14:30-15:00              Laptop presentations Session 2

1Yusheng Lin: V domain immunoglobulin suppressor of T cell activation (VISTA) reprograms macrophage biology and potentiates phagocytosis

2 Tara Muijlwijk: Head and neck cancer specimen-conditioned media attract cDC1, but no CD8 T-cells

3 Ratchapong Netsrithong: Comparison of protocols for clinically compatible manufacturing of T cells from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC)

4 Alexandros Nianias: Reprogramming the metabolic state of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived T cells

5 Joana B. Nunes: The Impact of Metabolic Environments on Immune Cell Function

6 Cilia Pothast: SARS-CoV-2 humoral and cellular vaccination response in patients with lymphoid haematological malignancies

7 Laia Querol Cano: Galectin-mediated interactions are essential in governing dendritic cell anti-melanoma immunity cells

8 Tynisha Rafael: The number and infiltration pattern of interleukin-10 producing cells in the tumor microenvironment of penile cancer

9 Yannick Sebastiaan Rakke: Therapeutic vaccines consisting of cancer germline antigen-based synthetic long peptides are immunogenic in human hepatocellular carcinoma patients

15.00-15.30              Laptop presentations Session 3

1 Marta Requesens Rueda: In-depth immunophenotyping of MHC-I-deficient tumors during ICB treatment

2 Ernesto Rodríguez: In-depth immune profiling of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma patients

3 Jessica Roelands: Spatially resolved transcriptomics reveals molecular and immunological hallmarks of colorectal cancer tumorigenesis

4 Douwe Samplonius: Cancer cells under immune attack acquire CD47-mediated adaptive immune resistance independent of the myeloid CD47-SIRPα axis

5 Jasper Sanders: Characterizing the secretome of freshly dissociated gastroesophageal tumor biopsies to detect novel secreted immune suppressive factors

6 Tamara Verkerk: Expression of neolacto-series glycosphingolipids by tumors impairs interaction between low-affinity immune receptor-ligand pairs and immune cell function.

7 Annegé Vledder: Rapid and efficient generation of antigen-specific isogenic T cells from cryopreserved blood samples

8 Anne P. van Wijngaarden: Repurposing pre-existing inflationary anti-CMV immunity as novel treatment for haematological malignanies

9 Jort van der Schans: Car T cells

15.30-16.00              Coffee/Tea Break

16.00-17.15              Oral presentation Session 3

Session chair: Jessica Roelands, LUMC

5×15 min presentations

Galectin-9 Triggers Neutrophil-Mediated Anticancer Immunity
Ghizlane Choukrani, PhD candidate, UMCG

Pharmacokinetic imaging of the bispecific CD3xTRP-1 antibody insyngeneic mouse tumor models
Gerwin Sandker, PhD candidate, Radboudumc

-Mechanisms of immune evasion in with KRAS-mutant lung adenocarcinoma: A role of MAPKpathway activation
Thomas van Ee, PhD candidate, Amsterdam UMC

-Modelling the spatial dynamics of oncolytic virotherapy
Darshak Bhatt, PhD candidate, UMCG

Targeting immunosuppressive macrophages and Tregs by repositioning metabolic drugs
Shipeng Chen, PhD candidate, UMCG

17.15-18.15              Keynote speaker


Prof. Stephen Beers

Centre for Cancer Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton, UK

Impact of tumour microenvironment on antibody therapy for cancer


18.15-19.15              PI meeting/Drinks

19.15-20.30              Diner

20.30-21.30              Keynote speaker


Prof. Daniel Powell

 Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, USA

“Recruiting and strengthening endogenous T cells to enhance CAR T cell activity in solid tumors”


21.30-00.00              Networking party



Friday June 17, 2022

9.00-10.30                 Oral presentation Session 4

Session chair: Tamara Verkerk, Sanquin Research

 5×15 min presentations

-A bispecific antibody approach for EpCAM-directed blockade of the CD73 immune checkpoint on tumor-derived exosomes
Xiurong Ke, PhD candidate, UMCG

-The Glyco-Code in Pancreatic Cancer
Dimitri Lindijer, PhD candidate, Amsterdam UMC

-Adoptive therapy with T cells expressing TCRs that are equipped with ICOS demonstrate enhanced durability of anti-melanoma response
Alexandre Marraffa, PhD candidate, Erasmus MC

-Multidimensional spatial profiling reveals abundant infiltration of colorectal cancers with plasma B cells associated with an inflammatory immune microenvironment
Marieke IJsselsteijn, PhD candidate, LUMC

-CD24: A potential immunotherapeutic target for Mantle Cell Lymphoma
Jimena Alvarez Freile, PhD candidate, UMCG

-Deciphering the role of galectins during DC-mediated anti-melanoma immunity
Andrea Rodgers Furones, PhD candidate, Radboudumc

10.30-11.00              Coffee/Tea Break

11.00-12.00              Oral presentation Session 5

Session chair: Isabel Britsch, UMCG

3x 20 min presentations

-γδ T cells are effectors of immune checkpoint blockade in mismatch repair-deficient colon cancers with antigen presentation defects
Noel de Miranda, LUMC

-Development of a personalized neoantigen specific TCR discovery platform
Robbert Spaapen, Neogene Therapeutics

-Regulating the regulator: up- and down-stream control of IL-6-mediated dendritic cell suppression in metastatic melanoma
Dorian Stolk, Amsterdam UMC

12.00-13.00              Keynote speaker


Prof. Tanja de Gruijl

Dept. Medical Oncology, Cancer Center Amsterdam, NL

“Local immune modulation for systemic tumor control”


13.00-13.05              AIO Award Ceremony

13.05-14.00              Lunch

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