Thursday June 17th, 2021

12.40-12.50Introduction Willeke la Fontaine (KWF)
12.50-13.00Miltenyi Biotech
13.00-14.15Oral presentation Session 1
 5 talks selected from proffered abstracts

Of note: Exactly 10 min per (pre-recorded) abstract presentation followed by 15-20 min Q&A in real-time/online after each session. Audience Engagement will be available throughout the whole program

The tumor immune microenvironment is decisive in the survival of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Dana A.M. Mustafa, Erasmus MC

Pre-existing tumor-infiltrating T cells influence response to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in esophageal adenocarcinoma
Micaela Harrasser, Amsterdam UMC

Chemokine-driven spatial organization of immune cell microaggregates marks oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas containing tumor-specific T cells
Ziena Abdulrahman, PhD candidate, LUMC

High dimensional analysis of the human lymph node during melanoma progression reveals shifts in myeloid content that relate to differential T cell content
Anastasia Prokopi, Amsterdam UMC

Transcriptomic profile representing disbalance between stromal and T cells potentially improves selection of metastatic urothelial cancer patients for pembrolizumab treatment
Maud Rijnders, PhD candidate, Erasmus MC
14.15-14.30Coffee/Tea Break
14.30-15.45Oral presentation Session 2
 5 talks selected from proffered abstracts

Exploiting pre-existing inflationary anti-CMV immunity to attack cancer cells
Isabel Britsch, PhD candidate, UMCG

Developing cancer vaccines to improve immune checkpoint blockade efficacy
Melisa D. Castro Eiro, Erasmus MC

MR-guided thermal and mechanical high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation: effects on tumor destruction and immune cell activation
Vera E. Mekers, PhD candidate, Radboudumc

EGFR-directed blockade of the CD73-adenosine immune checkpoint
Emily M. Ploeg, PhD candidate, UMCG

Targeting LAIR-1 and the PD-L1/PD-1 axis as novel combination cancer immunotherapy
Akashdip Singh, PhD candidate, UMC Utrecht
15.45-16.00Coffee/Tea Break
16.00-16.45Oral presentation Session 3
 3 talks selected from proffered abstracts

TME Analyzer: a novel multi-dimensional visualization and analysis tool to identify immune contexture-based predictors in tumors
Hayri E. Balcioglu, Erasmus MC

• CD169 defines activated CD14+ monocytes with enhanced CD8+ T cell activation capacity
Alsya J. Affandi, Amsterdam UMC

Cancer cells resist therapeutic antibody-mediated destruction by neutrophils
Panagiota Bouti, PhD candidate, Sanquin
16.45-17.30Keynote speaker
 Prof. Liesbeth de Vries
 Medical Oncology, University Medical Center Groningen, NL
 Molecular imaging for immunotherapy
17.30-18.00Drinks/Bites and Biobreak
18.00-19.45Escape room: Project Pegasus
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Friday June 18th, 2021

9.00-10.15Oral presentation Session 4
 5 talks selected from proferred abstracts

Of note:
Exactly 10 min per (pre-recorded) abstract presentation followed by 15-20 min Q&A in real-time/online. Audience Engagement will be available throughout the whole program

Combining a CAR and a chimeric costimulatory receptor simultaneously enhances T cell sensitivity to low antigen density and persistence
Afroditi Katsarou, PhD candidate, Amsterdam UMC

Cytokine-producing tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte products can be effectively generated from pre-treated late stage non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) lesions irrespective of location and pre-treatment regimens
Suzanne M. Castenmiller, PhD candidate, Sanquin

Pan-cancer expression of Cancer Germline Antigens is related to mechanisms of T cell evasion
Dian Kortleve, PhD candidate, Erasmus MC

Expanding the repertoire of HLA class I-restricted minor histocompatibility antigens for immune monitoring and modulation after allogeneic stem cell transplantation
Kyra J. Fuchs, PhD candidate, LUMC

Production and testing of a novel bispecific nanobody construct targeting NK cells and EGFR expressing malignancies
Elisa C. Toffoli, PhD candidate, Amsterdam UMC
10.15-10.30Coffee/Tea Break
10.30-11.30Oral presentation Session 5
 4 talks selected from proferred abstracts

Sialic acid blockade in BMDC enhances CD8+ T cell responses by facilitating high avidity DC- T cell interactions
Lenneke A.M. Cornelissen, Radboudumc

• A novel cancer immunotherapy; vaccination against tumor vascular extracellular Vimentin
Else J.M. Huijbers, Amsterdam UMC

Galectin-mediated interactions are essential in governing dendritic cell anti-melanoma immunity
Laia Querol Cano, Radboudumc

Expression of neolacto-series glycosphingolipids by tumors impairs the function of low-affinity immune receptor-ligand pairs
Tamara Verkerk, PhD candidate, Sanquin
11.30-12.15Keynote speaker
 Prof. Jannie Borst
 Immunology, Leiden University Medical Center, NL
   How to cure CTL dysfunction?
12.15-12.30Coffee/ Tea break
12.30-13.15Coffee/ Tea break Speed dating network event
13.15-13.25AIO Award Ceremony Closure