Wijnand Helfrich, PhD, Chair
Scientific Program, Technical support, Sponsoring

Professor of Translational Surgical Oncology
University Medical Center Groningen
Department of Surgery

Research focus: Development of novel targeted immunotherapeutic approaches in oncology.

Marleen Ansems, PhD, Secretary

Scientific Program & Laptopsession, Abstract submission

Assistant Professor, Radiotherapy & OncoImmunology Laboratory – Department of Radiation Oncology, Radboudumc 

Research focus: Molecular and Cellular Interactions in the Tumor Microenvironment

Els Verdegaal, PhD, Treasurer

Scientific Program, Registration, Venue/Accommodation, Sponsoring

Assistant professor, Department of Medical Oncology, Oncode Institute, Leiden University Medical Center.

Research focus: Clinical trials and translational research of Adoptive T cell therapy in melanoma and ovarian carcinoma.

Marieke Fransen, PhD, Member

Coordinator Scientific Program & PI meeting, AIO award

Department of Pulmonary Diseases, Amsterdam UMC

Research focus: Translational Oncology-Immunotherapy of Lung Cancer.

Sonja Buschow, PhD, Member

Coordinator Scientific program & Laptopsession, Website

Assistant professor, department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Erasmus MC

Research focus: Antigen presentation and immunotherapy

Administrative Support

Louise Kemperman

Abstract submission

Vydia Goijla

Registration and accomodation